Phil Rosenthal on Brunch at HLAY

June 15, 2018 — Phil Rosenthal, Friend of HLAY, popped in for his first HLAY brunch a recent Sunday ago. (Yes! We cook brunch now!) Phil called the restaurant just 10 minutes ahead and cruised into HLAY with his two grown kids, Ben and Lily. It's that easy-breezy. Believe it!

In every episode of his Netflix show, Somebody Feed Phil, he tells us how food from all around the world makes him FEEL. After eating his first brunch with us, here in lil ol' Koreatown, we needed to get some of these feelings on record. Phil predicts what our most popular brunch dish will be and tells us what his morning-after text to #HLAYbrunch would look like ....


It’s the day after you’ve had our Brunch. If you were to send a follow-up text to HLAY Brunch to express your feelings for it/her, what would the text say? 
Thanks for the most original brunch I’ve had in LA -- or anywhere. Everything was delicious.

You’re Jewish (assuming). We LOVE the way you guys eat breakfast. Do you mind that we’re putting cured slices of salmon and smoked white fish salad on top of … gluten-free blue corn tostadas? Or, you’re mad that we don’t have bagels?
Nope! I love the mash-up of cultures -- that’s where great inventions come from.

You told me that your plan was to eat “light” the other day, so you ordered the Shakshuka Verde. Tell us about it.
It was a very good, unique version. Could throw some meat in there for a heavier one if you wanted.

But if your plan *were* to hog out, what what your order look like?
Oh I’d get all the big-meat items - steak and eggs, that pork chop!

Tell us if we even come close to living up to the hashtag: #BrunchSoHard — our readers will want an explanation.
Yes! You have a lot of big-ticket items AND drinks. This could be your meal of the day -- or week.

What is your prediction for Most Popular Brunch Dish?
Okonomiyaki. That’s your Grand Slam Breakfast.


Phil Rosenthal is the creator of "Everybody Loves Raymond," but nowadays, everybody knows and loves Phil for his Netflix show, "Somebody Feed Phil." He is Hollywood's most well-known foodie and avid restaurant investor (like this one!). Small secret: Only Phil and his family know what we almost named HLAY.

Story photos: Shelley Som


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