“Jonathan Whitener breaks away from expectations about fusion and takes off with a cuisine of his own … his style is a mix of high, low, and global cuisines that reflects an aptitude for tethering big flavors in a playful fashion.”  — LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE / Nov 2016

“ … a modern feel keeping things unstuffy and cool … another unexpected twist? The drinks. They’re insane.”  — INFATUATION LA

“There’s an inkling of something different taking shape … ”
— "The New Art of Dessert," LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE / Nov 2016

“ … the yellowtail collar … one of the more mind-altering, of-the-moment dishes I’ve encountered all year.”  — LA WEEKLY

“Cocktail offers taste of luxury … Restaurant taps rare rum in whipping up Mai Tai that will set you back $26.”  — LA BUSINESS JOURNAL

“Karla Subero’s blueberry pie crust was so well executed that pie contest judge Sherry Yard was able to lift this beauty out of its pie pan intact, ending all discussion as to the winner of best Crust.”  — WINNER OF "BEST CRUST" AT THE KCRW PIE CONTEST 2016

“Whitener’s innovative 'progressive SoCal' fare takes cues from the multi-cultural flavors found in nearby communities … ”  — ANGELENO MAGAZINE